Saturday, November 14, 2015

Migrating to Blogger

I have been blogging somewhat sporadically for a long while (8 years!) on a different platform ( and have decided it is time to move over to the blogger platform. I would like to share my art and musings with a wider audience and be part of the blogger art community. I also like all of the extra features offered here on blogger. 

It is awesome how one thing leads to another in your creative life. I never thought of myself as being that creative but I have been taking classes and making art on my own terms and my work has grown. It feels so good to express myself and my feelings visually. This Life Book 2015 page sums up my feelings about art:

This may seem really silly but anyways here goes. I am moving into a smaller place next year. So I can't take everything with me and need to go through everything and choose what to bring. Not sure where all of this stuff came from but I am a New Englander and we save everything because someday you might need it and the saying is probably a week after you give it away or throw it out! 

I decided I can't live without my button collection. My buttons were scattered in different places here and there and I thought I had found them all last week but then I found even more of them today. I don't know why but I was so happy to see all of my buttons in one place. Life is funny like that, how the simplest thing can bring joy to your heart. Buttons are a commonplace thing that we take for granted and they are really cool! In the old days everyone had a button jar or tin.


  1. I love your Art Feeds Your Soul piece, and the words are very true. If you need any help with adding gadgets to your sidebars, let me know. And your post doesn't sound silly. I can relate to what you've written.

    1. Thanks Anne. I found the gadgets on blogger but would like to learn more about them. This is a great platform! I just felt silly getting excited over buttons :-)