Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas and Art Journaling

I signed up for Inspiration Wednesdays 2016 with Donna Downey last week and I decided to bind my own art journal for the class the night before Christmas Eve. I had been thinking about this for days and I wasn't sure if I had enough Cansons 140 lb watercolor paper to bind the book, so I went to JoAnn etc after work as I knew they would have some. And they did! I bound two signatures of 5 folded sheets each with some cool yarn. I broke the eye of the tapestry yarn needle but the yarn held up.

I love 140 lb watercolor paper because it is solid with a nice texture and it can take layers of wet messy applications of paint. It holds up well and may curl a little around the edges but it doesn't buckle or become unworkable. It is easy enough to flatten it out under a few books. I like to work wet with the acrylic craft paint and smush things together. I use the 2 oz. bottles of Craftsmart paint from Michaels. It is inexpensive, comes in a lot of colors, and I like the way it flows.

We had a very nice Christmas and I was happy that I had some creative time mixed in with all the preparations for the holiday. Christmas was a very special day filled with love.


  1. The book came out very nice! Great photos and I like your Nativity. Merry Christmas (again)!

    1. Thanks Anne.I had so much fun binding the book and it was a very Merry Christmas.