Sunday, January 24, 2016

Moving to Lake Pocotopaug

I am planning to move to Lake Pocotopaug in the summer and I am very excited about this! The condos there are very nice and it will be much easier for me to maintain than a house. It is a lovely area and I have friends living nearby. I am only moving 15 minutes from my present location so I will be in the same general area, just one town over.

I will be able to walk along the lake, sit on the beach, go kayaking, and just enjoy being part of a lake community. The lake is 9 miles around and there are two islands in the middle of the lake. I am a water sign born in July, Cancer on the Zodiac wheel, and I have a strong attraction to bodies of water.

It is a lot of work going through things collected over the years and deciding what to bring 
with me. I am donating a lot of items or giving them away to friends. I want to bring things to my new place that I need as well as things that I can't part with, and it all has to fit in my newer, smaller space. There is a lot of decision making involved, sometimes easy and sometimes taking more thought. I was originally going to bring my entire button collection with me. But today when I realized how many buttons I had, I decided to keep  a small amount of buttons for myself and will give the rest to a quilting friend next weekend. I know that she will make good use of them.

I am bringing my daughter Marianne's American Girls doll and her sled dog Balto with me. It took me several weeks to come to terms with this. I didn't think I had an attachment for dolls. I took pictures of her in preparation for giving her away and I burst into tears. It was then that I realized I had to keep her. That is my childhood doll trunk.

She is precious and I realized that I had formed an attachment to her and a few other dolls as well. It is OK to play with dolls as an adult. I have made a few cloth dolls although I am not a serious doll maker. I don't remember playing with dolls much as a child. But they are fun and you are never too old to try something new.

Friday, January 1, 2016

One word for 2016: open

This is my 7th year of choosing one word to guide me and sustain me throughout the new year. This is a practice that was pioneered by Ali Edwards and it has grown to encompass many creatives around the globe. Choosing a special word is a way of crystallizing your thoughts and choosing a direction to go in. This does not bind you to a set plan for the year and you are free to change direction as the year progresses.

My word for 2016, open, came to me easily this year and it grew out of my word for 2015, love. I have an altered card deck that I made which has words that hold meaning for me and this year I chose a card from that deck.

The word open holds a lot of deep and heartfelt meaning for me. It is a very versatile word and it can be used in a variety of connotations. Here are a few thoughts that this word brings to mind.

Open your hands if you want to be held. ~Rumi

Open the door to new opportunities and change.

Open your heart to love.

Open the window to creativity and vision.

Open yourself to healing and forgiveness.

Be open with yourself; know who you are.

Open your mind to new ideas.

Let others open doors for you.

The words I chose over the past 6 years happen to be in that altered card deck but most of the previous words pre-date the card deck and were not chosen that way.

The previous  words chosen in order were 2015: love, 2014: trust, 2013: grow, 2012: be, 2011: focus, and 2010: create. There is a blog post for the word grow here. There is a blog post for the word be here. And there is a blog post for the word focus here.