Sunday, January 24, 2016

Moving to Lake Pocotopaug

I am planning to move to Lake Pocotopaug in the summer and I am very excited about this! The condos there are very nice and it will be much easier for me to maintain than a house. It is a lovely area and I have friends living nearby. I am only moving 15 minutes from my present location so I will be in the same general area, just one town over.

I will be able to walk along the lake, sit on the beach, go kayaking, and just enjoy being part of a lake community. The lake is 9 miles around and there are two islands in the middle of the lake. I am a water sign born in July, Cancer on the Zodiac wheel, and I have a strong attraction to bodies of water.

It is a lot of work going through things collected over the years and deciding what to bring 
with me. I am donating a lot of items or giving them away to friends. I want to bring things to my new place that I need as well as things that I can't part with, and it all has to fit in my newer, smaller space. There is a lot of decision making involved, sometimes easy and sometimes taking more thought. I was originally going to bring my entire button collection with me. But today when I realized how many buttons I had, I decided to keep  a small amount of buttons for myself and will give the rest to a quilting friend next weekend. I know that she will make good use of them.

I am bringing my daughter Marianne's American Girls doll and her sled dog Balto with me. It took me several weeks to come to terms with this. I didn't think I had an attachment for dolls. I took pictures of her in preparation for giving her away and I burst into tears. It was then that I realized I had to keep her. That is my childhood doll trunk.

She is precious and I realized that I had formed an attachment to her and a few other dolls as well. It is OK to play with dolls as an adult. I have made a few cloth dolls although I am not a serious doll maker. I don't remember playing with dolls much as a child. But they are fun and you are never too old to try something new.