Sunday, February 14, 2016

February Blues

This is the time of year in New England when you wish winter was over because you are tired of wearing boots and bundling up with a winter coat, hat, gloves, and scarf. We are having some arctic weather this weekend so it was 9 below zero when I got up this morning and with the wind chill factor it is dangerous to be out for very long. I went out yesterday and had fun quilting with a friend but I am staying home today.

I am not doing much which is unusual for me. I made this asymmetrical mandala this morning using my colorful Tombow markers. I sent some text messages and emails to special people. I read one of my favorite creative books. I listened to music. I cried a little bit for getting stuck in the past again and somehow felt better after accepting and then letting go. Not because it is Valentine's Day (that is a happy day to show love) but because it is the anniversary of my divorce, when I always ask why this happened, and there are no simple answers.

Most of the time I don't think about it. We can get along now that we are not together and the turmoil is over. I have made a new life for myself, I have a lot of new friends, and I enjoy doing things that I want to do. It is water over the bridge as I like to say. The correct saying is water under the bridge but I think water over the bridge paints a more accurate picture of life changing events. As my quilting friend said yesterday, I was floundering back then. I guess I was, although I never really thought about it and just went from day to day. My life is much better now and I feel like a whole person. I can just be myself and not what others want me to be.


  1. Wonderful art piece. Sometimes one needs to cry, to release one's emotions.

  2. Yes, it is not easy for me sometimes. The art piece was done on top of a spread from two years ago. My feelings had changed since then and it made me feel good to do this.