Saturday, February 20, 2016

Home Again

The contractors are all done and I am home again. My house has been under siege for the past 6 weeks and it has been a real mess around here. Although I stayed here while the painters were here in January, I had to move out while the wood floors were being refinished this past week. This will be my second major cleanup operation. The first time it was plaster dust which made it difficult for me to breathe as it was suspended in the air for a while. This time it is wood sanding dust which is all settled out and not too bad. Let the dust settle as they say :-)

The painters, the wood floor refinishers, and the movers who put my furniture in the garage 8 days ago and then back in the house yesterday after the floors were done all did a really great job. Surround yourself with good people and things will work out. There were times that I questioned why I am doing all of this but not really. My real estate lady told me what I needed to do to sell my house and I am doing everything that she said. I want to live in a smaller place that is easy to take care of and my son's condo which will be available this summer will be perfect for me. It even has a fireplace!

Needless to say, not much art or quilt activity has gone on around here. I have done a little hand quilting at the condo and at a friend's house and a little art journaling, but not much. I wanted to share something that is special to me so here are some quotation cards from one of my five altered card decks. I love making these card decks with different themes - they are made using ordinary playing cards. I start with some gesso so the paint will stick and then I paint and glue to my heart's content.


  1. Both places look fantastic! And I love these sayings.

  2. Thanks!I sometimes can't believe I am doing this.

    The quotations were collected over a period of time.