Sunday, July 10, 2016


I have a lot going on right now. Inside and outside and all around. I am moving to a condo near a lake in a few weeks, after being in my house for 13 years. It is starting to feel more real each day. Somehow I feel amazingly calm.

I went to my second yoga class Saturday morning and it was amazing. It raised my self awareness and I felt in the flow of the universe all day. I was able to do almost all of the movements and that made me really happy.

I am enjoying my summer... spending time with friends and family... trying new things. I am managing my workload at the office and staying on top of things. I am finding a little time and space for art even though my art supplies and 80% of my belongings are packed for the move. I have one portable art tote in the living room with some simple supplies and I am doing art on the couch. It is amazing how little you actually need to be happy. 

I am finding that creating mandalas is helping to center me. It is meditational to work on a mandala from the beginning of an idea/feeling to what grows as you let the universe flow through you. I lose myself and then find myself in my art.