Monday, September 5, 2016

Art Journaling Again

I started art journaling again this weekend! My art/quilt work space is not fully set up yet and I still need to get 2 work tables and a big storage shelf from Ikea. My supplies are unpacked into temporary shelving. There is just no work surface other than a small card table and that is too small and has a sewing machine on it.

Determined to get going finally, I dragged my art journaling supplies upstairs to the dining room and set everything up Friday night to get motivated the next morning. Many trips up and down the stairs after forgetting numerous things, one at a time of course, so who needs a Stairmaster? Not me! I spread out all over the place and made a big mess like I did at my house before this, but I was more careful about flinging paint around :-) I have been nesting around here... I made curtains and got new chair cushions at BBB. And I don't think the carpet would look good with paint spatters.

It was heaven, nirvana, joyous, an epiphany. I totally lost track of time and anything that was bothering me disappeared. I immersed myself in the process which for me is totally spontaneous. The first thing I do is choose 3 or 4 contrasting and harmonious colors of craft paint. I like Craftsmart paint from Michaels. It comes in 2 oz. bottles in a ton of great colors, it flows well, and it's cheap. I keep a rainbow of about 40 colors in a medium size Sterlite plastic bin with handles. Once I get color down on the page I let the work, my art supplies, and random thoughts inspire me. I do not start with a plan and I just let things happen. Wish I could be more like that with my life. It is very freeing!

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  1. I'm glad you got unpacked and were able to start art journaling again. (I know this is from awhile ago.)